What Is Job Mate LITE?

Use Job Mate LITE To Manage Your Entire Business

In short, Job Mate LITE is a very powerful business management system for small businesses. Job Mate LITE is fully tied into Austin's List so that when you win a bid for a job, you can manage that job in its entirety from beginning to end.

Job Mate LITE also lets you manage your entire business whether you get the bid from Austin's List or not. So even if the job didn't come through Austin's List, you can still use Job Mate LITE to manage it, and all of your jobs for your growing small business.

Search Orders Quickly & Efficiently

Search Orders FAST!

Getting to an order quickly is very important when you're trying to help a client, or when you're trying to get more information about a job while you're on the road.

Job Mate LITE allows you to search orders by almost anything you can imagine, address, phone number, email, customer name, line items, today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, this month, last week, last month, city, state, zip, service provider..... You name it, and it's probably searchable.

Quote System

Create Quotes & Email in less than 1 minute.
NEW! Quick Quote System! Even faster, and easier to quote from the road.

Job Mate LITE has a great quote system that lets you bu ild out a quote, and get it to your client in less than 60 seconds from start to finish.

When the client decides they're ready to hire you, it's just two clicks, and the quote is now an invoice! Our system makes it super fast, and easy to get from Quote to Invoice.

Austin's List RFQ's To Your JMLITE Dashboard!

Get RFQ's From Austin's List Directly To Your Job Mate LITE Dashboard

The integration with Job Mate LITE and Austin's List goes deep. You can now get Quote Requests from Austin's List directly on your dashboard inside of Job Mate LITE!

Our integration with Job Mate LITE means that you can get a quote back to a potential new client within seconds, and if the client hires you, with just two clicks, you can convert that quote into an invoice.

Super Powerful Invoicing

Super Charge Your Invoicing Capabilities

Create one-time invoices, or recurring invoices, or invoices with some line items that recurr, and others that don't.

Of course, Job Mate LITE does invoicing, but oh man.... Their system takes invoicing to a whole new level. Your invoices can do things like automatically calculate travel fees, handle fractinal servicing, allow multiple service providers on the same invoice. Calculate distances from the service providers home for easy scheduling, and so much more.

The Job Mate LITE system honestly has the best invoicing system I've ever seen on ANY system PERIOD, but this one does even more. You just need to try it, and see what it can do to fully understand how amazingly powerful this invoicing system really is.

Send email, and SMS notifications for job confirmations, job reminders, and activities like On The Way. Arrived, and Departed.

Powerful Single-Click Scheduling System

Drag & Drop Sounds Cool.... Until

Let's start out with a question. Have you ever tried to "drag and drop" on a phone scheduling system? It's nearly impossible. That's why we use a technology that lets you schedule jobs with a single click.

Whether you're on a phone, a tablet, or a full size computer, our scheduling system is quick, easy, and accurate.

Integrated Client Management System

Okay... Yea.. .We Do Client Management

I know, it's kind of difficult to get all excited over something simple, so.. we're just gonna leave it at that. Enjoy!

Service Provider Management

Back To The Super Cool Stuff!

Where to start? This thing does somt crazy amazing stuff!

Manage Your Service Providers By Capability.

When you're growing your company, and you've got multiple people working for you, you may want to send Joe to only to certain types of jobs, and Janet to other types of jobs. Our system lets you assign job tasks to certain people, so that when you're scheduling a job, only the right people pop up for the job.

Regions & Work Zones

Assign certain service providers to certain zones, and travel guides, ensuring that the right person gets assigned to the right job depending on its distance or region.

Powerful Services & Inventory Management System

Control Services & Inventory To The Last Dime!

The Job Mate LITE system allows you to manage inventory and services from the same system. Enter a new service, decide how much you're going to charge, how much you're going to pay a service provider if you need to have someone else do the job, and select what regions you're going to allow this service or inventory to be consumed. You're in full control!

Run Commission Reports

Do You Have Service Providers Working For You?

Job Mate LITE will automatically keep track of what service providers performed services, and how much they earned performing that job.

Run a payout report any time you want to pay (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc...) and it will calculate what you should pay your service providers for their work.

Yep! We'll even keep track of it all through the year, and let you run reports at the end of the year for their tax filings.

Our powerful regional management system lets you create different regions, assign services, and inventory to those regions, and adjust pricing for each region.

The client order portal automatically displays the right products and services for the right area when a job is entered into the system. Clients will only see products, and services that they can order for that area.

Integrate With Your Existing Website

LInk Directly To Your Products & Services From Your Existing Website

You can link your products and services directly to the Job Mate LITE system for easy purchase by clients. When a client clicks on the link, they will be transported to the Job Mate LITE client portal where they can sign up, or log in, and purchase your products or services.

We'll Even Build You A Real Website For A One-Time Fee Of $99 Bucks

Your Own Domain (www.mybusinessname.com) / URL. Not some "redirected" URL

For the crazy low price of just $99 we will build you a four page website where clients can learn more about your products and services and order them from you.

These Pages Are Included With Initial Website Buildout
My Services
About Us
Contact Us

Need More Pages? Add AS Many As You Need For Just $49 Each!*
*Additional charges may be applicable depending on the complexity of the page, to be determined solely by Job Mate LITE

You get a REAL URL (http://www.yourbusinessname.com) not a "redirect" (http://mybusiness.facebook.com).

You get a REAL and professional email Address (myname@yourbusinessname.com) not (mybusinessname@gmail.com).


Yes! You read that right. When you sign up for Austin's List, hosting for your website, and your email are INCLUDED in your plan!

What Does Job Mate LITE Cost?

It's FREE With Your Subscription To Austin's List!

Job Mate LITE is FREE to use when you're using Austin's List or vice / versa. If you're subscribed to Austin's List, then you already have access to Job Mate LITE, and there are no additional charges to use Job Mate LITE to manage your business.

What Does Austin's List Cost?

Austin's List Is $14.95 Per Month

Yes, it's true, and yes, it's all included!

After all.... What good is a system that could be super helpful to small busineses, if they can't afford it?

How Do I Start Using Job Mate LITE?

It's Simple!

When you create your Austin's List account, you'll have instant access to Job Mate Lite. Just log in to your Austin's List Service Provider account, and start using it!